Bassheadlife proudly presents: Demo Kings

A completely new style of competition that takes the art of Demo's to mind

The Following is a complete layout of the rules

1- The meter will be placed in the center of the passenger glass with ONLY drivers window down or driver door open. If door is open then all windows are up. You may choose to run either way, window down door closed or window up door open but not permitted to change during testing. Doing so may result in a disqualification. If the door is open you may however swing it out or in more to find that sweet spot.

2- You may sit in the vehicle and hearing protection will be provided if you ask but not required.

3- You may select a passenger for you run. 1 Passenger per available seat. ALL occupants will have the choice to wear ear protection and provided by event judges or staff.

4- Your score will be determined by TERM-LAB MAGNUM equipment and placed by qualified person selected for the event.

5- Your Average SPL will be recorded and limited to no more than 30 seconds. You may play ONLY music. Everyone will have 2 runs at the meter. The Highest Average SPL will be recorded of the 2 rounds.

6- In the event of a tie then a tie breaker will be held. Persons in the tie breaker round will have once chance to run 1 Minute Average SPL. The Highest Average SPL will be the victor. Competitors can also play best out of 3 Paper, Rock, Scissors if they both choose to do so to decide the winner.

* NO LATE ENTRY!! We will no longer allow late entry. This keeps the contest fair for all.

Rules are subject to change. Visit the rankings page to see current Demo Kings leaders and scores.


(Subject to Change)

Demo Kings will not be running a clamp just yet. Make sure to read the special notice for Demo 1-4 at the bottom of the page

The Newly Revised Demo Kings Classification will be broken down into 2

groups of classes.

Demo 1-4 will be based on a combination of cone area and total rated

subwoofer amp power.

Demo 5-7 will be the Wall classes, based only on cone area

Demo Unleashed – No limits, true ultimate/NHB class

DEMO 1-4

These classes will be based on the total metric cone area (see chart

below) and total RATED subwoofer amp power.

Demo 1: 3,300 Aggregate

Demo 2: 6,500 Aggregate

Demo 3: 10,000 Aggregate

Demo 4: 20,000 Aggregate

To find your classification, find your cone area from this chart, and

add it to your total RMS amp power. Whatever class this number falls

under, is what class you’re in.

For example:

(1) 12 on 1 2000w amp, 730+2000=2730 Agg, is in class Demo 1 (Agg

limit under 3300)

(2) 15 on 7500w, 1140 x 2=2280, 2280+7500=9780, Class is Demo 3

(6) 10s on 2500w, 3042+2500=5742, Class is Demo 2

What this does, is level the playing field between those running a ton

of cone area on relatively low power, vs a TON of power with very

little cone area

Demo 5-7

Simple cone area limit, no mods forward of B pillar (such as wooden

roof, built out dashboard, etc.)

Demo 5: 3500 cm2

Demo 6: 7000 cm2

Demo 7: 7001 cm2+


No Holds Barred, True Ultimate class. Anything goes.

***NOTICE to Demo 1-4 Power ratings. All amplifiers will be classified by manufacturers ratings. If an amplifier has no rating it will be clamped during the run. The main goal here is to keep it fair and fun for all.